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Campbell’s: More than Just Soup

This month, Marisa Bozarth Museum Curator at Burlington County Parks will present Campbell’s:  More than Just Soup at our monthly meeting on Tuesday March 20 at 7pm.  Her presentation tells the story of the Campbell’s Soup Company’s humble beginnings to becoming a multi-million dollar company and the role Burlington County farmers played in the process.  I’m sure we all have enjoyed Campbell’s Soup and it’s likely our Delran farmers sent produce to Campbell’s.  This event is free and open to the public.  Light refreshments will be served after Marisa’s presentation.

Almost Olympics

In 1954, Roller Skating was the thing to do.  This is a photo from the Southland Swing contest on March 4, 1954.  Music to skate by was provided by Mr. Costello on the organ.  Earlene Hullings is the second skater from the left in the front row was from Bridgeboro.  Her skating partner was Ray Louder from Riverside.  He’s the third from the left in the front row.  Can you identify other skaters?  Share your memories of roller skating.

Richard Knight – Delran Mayor 1984-1992

Join the Delran Historical Society on Tuesday January 16 for our first meeting of 2018.    Richard Knight, Delran Mayor between 1984 and 1992,  is our guest speaker.  He will share his experience as mayor and the changes that occurred in Delran during his term.  The public is welcome to join us and learn about the history of our town.  Our meeting starts at 7pm in the community room at the Delran Municipal Building at 900 Chester Avenue.

First by Stage

Mal Anderson, Delran Historical Society President researched early transportation in Delran.  Read First By Stage to learn about the early Stage Coach service established by Albert Elliott and the eventual bus line operated by Charles Kauderer.

Shipbuilding made Bridgeboro

Check out this story written by a Daily Enterprise Reporter in 1937.  The Daily Enterprise was published in Burlington from 1884-1939.  He writes about historic places including Fortnum Motors and people of that time including Jacob Freck and Sally Wood both over 90.  Maybe your relatives were included in his story.

November’s Program

This month we’ve invited Sal Miliziano owner/operator of Delran’s Chick-Fila to attend our meeting.  We will interview Mr. Miliziano about his life including his experience as a matador.  Join us Tuesday November 21 at the Delran Municipal Building.  Our meeting starts at 7pm.   Light refreshments will be served.

Another Mayor located

Earlene Hope is George Friday’s Great Granddaughter and she shared this family photo with the Delran Historical Society.  George Friday served two terms as Delran Township Mayor.  His first term was 1901-1903 and the second term was 1904-1906.  He was born in Riverside to George and Anna Freitag in 1853.  His name was John George Freitag but he went by George Friday.  George Friday married Emma Hartman in 1876 and they had 8 children.   Earlene’s Grandmother Anna Friday was George Friday’s daughter.  Anna married Charles Hullings.

This photo was taken in the late 1920′ or early 1930’s.  Seated is George Friday and his wife Emma.  Standing from the left, George Friday, Jr., Conrad Friday, Joe Friday, Gertrude Severns, Anna Hullings (Earlene’s grandmother), Minnie Robinson, and Charles Friday.  George Friday, Sr. died in Bridgeboro in 1932 and was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Burlington.

Giving Tuesday 2017

November is a time to exercise our right to vote, to honor our veterans, to celebrate with our families and participate in “Giving Tuesday”.  “Giving Tuesday” a nationwide event where NonProfits ask supporters for donations on November 28th.   The Delran Historical Society would like to request that you considering donating to the Delran Historical Society and here’s a list of items we would like.
1. Old Yearbooks from Delran High School, Delran Middle School, Holy Cross High School, Riverside High School prior to 1976, Palmyra HIgh School and Moorestown High School prior to 1945.
3. Class and Team Photos – We would also like photographs of Delran athletic teams and schools classes. If possible, please include the names.
3. Business Memorabilia – We like things from businesses that are no longer here – like the Greens, the bowling alley, Millside Farms, Fortnam Motors.
4. Celebrations in Delran – We like to see your photos of parades, holidays and other celebrations in Delran.
We hope that during the month of November you’ll look through your old boxes and decide rather than tossing out, to donate to the Delran Historical Society.  You can bring these items to the Delran HIstorical Society Meeting on November 21, 2017. Any photos you would like to share can be scanned and returned. If you have any questions please send us an email at

Centennial Time Capsule

The Delran Historical Society would like to thank Flagg’s Garden Center and Landscaping for donating the landscaping at the Delran Municipal Building.  We think it looks really nice.  Please contact them for your landscaping needs.

UPDATE – Street Sign Fundraiser

Delran Historical Society has its regular monthly meeting on October 17 at the Delran Municipal Building starting at 7pm.  If you received an email indicating the sign you requested was available and didn’t pick it up on October 4 please plan to stop by.  The list of signs still available is posted on our website. We’ll have them too if you’d like to purchase one of the available signs.   Public Works is working to upgrade and replace street signs throughout Delran.  We expect another batch in 2018.

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