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Hoagie Sale

It’s that time again.  Support the Delran Historical Society by purchasing a hoagie from Vid’s Hometown Deli located at 1107 Fairview Street.  The sale runs from May 1 until July 31, 2017.  For $5 you can choice an American, Italian, Ham and Cheese or 3 Cheese hoagies.  Contact Mal Anderson, Karen Ruza or send an email to  for tickets.

A Program for September’s Meeting…

Join the Delran Historical Society for their September 20 meeting where the featured program, “First by Stage Coach, Then by Bus” will be presented.  Learn some interesting facts about one of Delran’s main thoroughfares.  The Society meets every third Tuesday of the month at the Delran Municipal building at 7:00 pm.  Light refreshments are served.

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Another Mayor Found

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.48.22 PMDelran Township was established in 1880. Since that time, 43 people have served in the position of Mayor. Dee Wells, a member of the Delran Historical Society has been searching for photographs of all the people that served in this capacity. Howard Bishop came to the April meeting and brought photographs of his grandfather – Frank Yansick. Frank Yansick was Delran’s longest serving mayor. He took office on January 1, 1936 and remain the mayor until December 31, 1952. Early in his term, he approved plans for a new development on Fairview Street, planned as Riverside Estates. Mr. Bishop brought a copy of the site plans for this project. Hard to believe that the total budget in 1936 was only $18,170 a slight increase over the 1935 budget. The budget surplus was $11,289. The township budget included $175 (the amount of tax revenue on dogs) to pay claims presented by residents for poultry killed by dogs. At one meeting in the spring of 1936, a resident presented a bill for $47.50 for 29 dead chickens.

The Delran Historical Society is still seeking photos of of nine mayors. If you have an old photograph or can provide a lead to tracking down the family of these people, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email. Here’s a list of who we are still searching for.

Charles W. Beaty 1904 – 1910
George Friday 1900 – 1904
Silas G. Hatcher 1897
Emerson Haines 1894 – 1896
Abram E. Conrow 1890 – 1893
Elwood P. Austin 1887 – 1890
Theodore H. Haines 1885 – 1887
Xavier Walter 1883 – 1885
James Bramall 1881 – 1882

Arm Chair Genealogy

Debra Hammond presenfamily treeted Arm Chair Genealogy at our February meeting.  The presentation included live access to  She shared great tips for researching your family history using historical documents.  She modified her presentation and added screen shots of the records from Ancestry.  If you have any questions, you can email her at

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