Delran has many historical homes that were built during the Chester Township Period and Cinnaminson Period before Delran Township was established in 1880. The Conrow House is the third oldest historical home in Burlington County and was built in 1733 with a larger section of the house added on in 1751, both many years before the American Revolution. Another one of Delran’s oldest historical homes was built in 1823 by James VanSciver and later became home of Delran’s First Mayor, Robert F. Garwood. Delran Historical Society members are looking to research and document information of Delran’s historical homes built in the 1700’s and 1800’s.

Our goal with the Early Homes of Delran Project is to share the history and significance of Delran’s historical homes with the public and to preserve this information for future generations. Additionally, anyone who owns a historical home and has questions regarding restoration of their home can reach out to PJ Buzzi Vice President of Delran Historical Society who is happy to help and answer questions, (use [email protected] to get in touch). We encourage anyone who owns one of Delran’s historical homes or anyone who lived in them to consider sharing any old photos, information or stories you have about the home. Historical homes help to give a unique character to Delran which can not be found anywhere else.

Please email us at [email protected]  and include a phone number so we can contact you. -Thank You

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