We’re excited because we’ve got more Delran Street Signs to sell. So if you’re looking for a unique one-of-kind gift, consider purchasing an old street sign. Delran Township is in the process of replacing neighborhood street signs and they’ve provided the old signs to the Delran Historical Society to sell as a fundraiser.  We’re selling the old streets signs for $20 on a first come first serve basis. We started this process last September and sold 250 signs.  This time, we have 230 signs for 115 streets available.

We learned a lot when we started selling the signs in the fall and we’re launching a new process.  Please review the list of 2018 Streets to see if the street you want is available.  If the street is listed, complete the form for each sign you wish to purchase.  We’ll be taking orders until April 27.  If the sign you requested is available, you will receive an email with directions on how to pay for your sign. Signs can be picked up on May 7 and May 15 at 6-8pm at the Delran Municipal Building.  We will set up webpage to pay by credit card.  Of course, we will take cash or check at pick-up.