Title Description
Arm Chair Genealogy Presentation from February 16, 2016 Delran Historical Society Meeting on research family history through online resources
Rolling in Style on the Old Atlantic City Boardwalk Story written by Renee Brizzi and published in the Positive Press about Elaine McCabe’s grandparents
Bridgeboro Historical American Building Survey 1982  In 1982, a survey of Bridgeboro houses scheduled for demolition to make way for the new Bridgeboro Bridge was completed.  This document includes photos of the exterior and interiors as well as descriptions of the houses.
Abram Conrow Abram Conrow was the mayor Delran Township 1890-1893.   His family dates back 150 years before Delran Township was established in 1880.  His Great, Great Grandparents were Darling and Deliverance Conrow who built the house on Conrow Road in 1733.
Lake Lonnie  Lake Lonnie was a swimming lake in the 1950’s to 1968.  Delran Township purchased the property using Green Acres funding.  Karen and Josh Ruza created this powerpoint presentation on the history and presented the information to the Delran Historical Society in 2011.
Mayor James Bramall James Bramall was born in 1825 and died in 1910.  In 1881, he served as the mayor of Delran.   Sue Hueskin, Delran Historical Society member researched his family using census records.
Stella Kendall Stella Kendall was born in 1900 and lived most of her life in Bridgeboro and Riverside.  She died in 1992.  This story was part of a memoir written with love by her daughter Ruth.  Elaine McCabe, Delran Historical Society Vice President put together this story.
Millside Farms Remembered Millside Farms Remembered was written by Karen Ruza, Delran Historical Society member based upon an interview with Russell Laslocky.  His parents Stephen and Aurellia Laslocky started the Millside Farms.
Shipbuilding Made Bridgeboro   This story was written by a Daily Enterprise reported in 1937. Describes historic landmarks and important people.
First By Stage  In 1873, Albert Elliott started a Jitney Service or Stage Coach line in Bridgeboro.  David McConnell took over in 1903 and modernized the line with the horseless carriage.  In 1919, Charles Kauderer took over.  Read this First By Stage to learn  more about early transportation in Delran.
Washington Hunter House On January 27, 1901 Washington Hunter was brutally attacked in his home located on the west side of River Road where Dredge Harbor is today.  He was a Burlington County Freeholder for Delran.  The first murder was hanged on December 3, 1901.
1880 Delran Township was created by the New Jersey Legislature on February 12, 1880.   You can read the first years minutes.  Today, Delran Township livestreams their meetings. Click here for more information on livestream.
What it was like in 1880 Delran Township was created right before the 1880 census.  Riverside was part of Delran until 1895.  At that time, our population was 1,758.  Today, our population is close to 17,000.   Read what live was like back then.