Delran Historical Society will be meeting on February 16, 2016 at the Delran Municipal Building starting at 7pm.  Debra Hammond, our communication and membership coordinator will presenting Arm Chair Genealogy (a take on television program – Who Do You Think You Are without the production crew, white gloves and travel.   Genealogy is the study of family history using oral histories, historical documents and records and now DNA.  Ms. Hammond presentation will focus on historical records and documents available on line.  She has being doing genealogy for over 20 years and will show what’s available online, what type of information you can get from various historical documents and keys to locating more information.  Society members were invited to provide names of family members they didn’t know much about and the information located will be shared.  It’s not too late to add a name to the list. Hoping for some big reveals. Light refreshments will follow.