The Delran Historical Society is looking for pictures of our Mayors.  Help us fill in the blanks from our first Mayor until our current Mayor. Email, snail mail, or call us at 609-845-8389.  We only need a “copy”; you may retain your original.  Since we’re almost done, we now want to add some color by researching information about the mayor including what was happening in Delran during his term.  If you’re interested in doing a little research, send us an email.

                                                    Out of 43 Mayors total we are still looking for photos/leads on the following 9 Mayors:

Robert F. Garwood - Delran's First Mayor

Charles W. Beaty 1904 – 1910
Robert Babington 1898 – 1899
Silas G. Hatcher 1897
Emerson Haines 1894 – 1896
Abram E. Conrow 1890 – 1893
Elwood P. Austin 1887 – 1890
Theodore H. Haines 1885 – 1887
Xavier Walter  1883 – 1885
James Bramall 1881 – 1882