Delran Township was established by the New Jersey Legislature in 1880.  Before that date, Delran Township was part of Cinnaminson Township and before establishing Cinnaminson Township in 1860, Delran, Moorestown, Riverside and Cinnaminson were all part of Chester Township.   Some of our historical sites date back to the Chester Township era.  The Delran Historical Society is working with Delran Township to install historical markers at locations of historical significance.

In 2016, a total of 10 sites were marked with signs.  Click here for the  Delran Historical Society’s Historical Marker Trail presentation about the history of the site markers .  These first 10 sites are:

Here’s a bookmark with QR codes to learn more about each site with your smart phone. We are planning to mark another 10 sites with historical markers in the future.

Award Received for Historic Marker Trail Project

On the evening of May 12, 2017, the Delran Historical Society was the recipient of an annual award given by the Burlington County Freeholders for our project that encompassed the planning, research and executing of a project to place “Historic Site Markers” and develop an “Historic Site Marker Trail” whereby anyone would be able to locate and learn about an historic site located within the boundaries of Delran Township.

During our research phase, our members identified and investigated those properties which we, as an Historical Society felt were significant to Delran’s past. Our initial list was comprised of about 15 sites. As the project unfolded, it was believed that we should include Delran’s Mayor and Council and ask for their assistance with purchasing the signs. With their agreement, we proceeded to narrow the list to 10 sites in order to not overburden the work of the Society’s members or on any costs to the Township.

Having our agreement in place allowed the Society members to complete the research with assurances that the project would be able to be continued into the future. With research completed and the signs ordered and placed, this project was seen as a possible entrant for the County Award.

Our President, Mal Anderson, became aware that this award was available, completed and submitted the application without the Society Members knowledge, and was notified that we were the category winner. He announced the award during the Reburial Ceremony of Delran’s Centennial Time Capsule which took place on April 29th much to everyone’s surprise.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Society were invited to participate in the “award ceremony” which was held at the Smithville Mansion on May 12th at 6 PM.

The Project Chairwoman was Mrs. Elaine McCabe with the other members of the committee being Dianne Dudek, Debra Hammond, and Alice Smith. For their hard work, the Society received a wonderful plaque honoring their efforts.  Our work will continue on this project as 10 additional sites are in the research mode for this year.


From left: Vice President and Committee Chairwoman Elaine McCabe; Trustee and Committee Member Dianne Dudek; Society President Mal Anderson; Membership Chairwoman and Committee Member Debra Hammond; (not pictured, Delran Historical Society member and Riverside Historical Society President, Alice Smith)