The Conrow Family was originally the Conarroe Family and they were French Huguenots. In 1680, the Conarroes left France for England. Later in 1680, the Conarroes sailed to the New World with the Quakers. Mr. Conarroe died before reaching America. Matthew Allen purchased a large tract of land in Chester Township, Burlington County. His land holdings covered most of what is now Delran and Riverside. In 1683, Mr. Allen married the Conarroe widow. Matthew Allen gave 500 acres of land along the Delaware River to his stepson, Jacob Conarroe and another 500 acres located along Swedes Run to his stepson Isaac Conarroe. Isaac Conarroe’s property was located in the area of Delran behind the First United Methodist Church on Conrow Road. The French spelling was dropped by the third generation and the name was simplified to Conrow.

Darling Conrow, Isaac Conarroe’s grandson, built the house that still stands on Conrow Road.  He married Deliverance Stokes in 1733. The house behind the church was built in two sections, the smaller called the cabin was built in 1733 and a larger expansion was completed in 1751. This brick structure is a 2 1/2 stories high with three bays wide and one room deep. The “front” or south facade is coursed up in flemish bond. The sides and rear are of a common bond with a header course every 7th row. It has chimneys on both gable ends but they have been replaced. The house still has the original and unusual 10-panel entry doors on the north and south facade. The original windows on the first floor were 12 by 12 panels while the second floor windows were 12 by 8s. The home had a cedar roof that would leak but would swell so rain did not come in which has since been replaced. On the western gable the initials of Darling and Deliverance Conrow can still be seen as well as the “1751” numerals in the brick. It is the third oldest farmhouse in Burlington County and the oldest structure in Delran.  This house is still used as a private residence.
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