On October 31, 1859 Samuel Lowden and his wife Hanna of Beverly Township sold a parcel of land in Bridgeboro for a burial ground to the Methodist Episcopal Church. According to the deed, the said parcel includes “all the woods, water courses, rights and privileges”. This cemetery is located in Bridgeboro off Creek Road to behind the old Methodist Church (now known as the House of God). Other records indicate that the cemetery pre-dates the church and church members gave land piecemeal for burials.

The Methodist Cemetery has existed since 1859 and was cared for by the Bridgeboro Methodist Cemetery Association. In recent years, vandalism has taken its toll on the old burial grounds. Many old stones have been damaged, overturned and broken. Acid rain has contributed to the disintegration of most of the marble headstones. Since the demise of the Bridgeboro Methodist Cemetery Association, the Board of Trustees of the First United Methodist Church of Delran maintains the burial grounds in Bridgeboro. A generous bequest from Louis K. Anderson provides for the care and upkeep of the 1.5 acre cemetery. The Board of Trustees erected an antique wrought iron fence around the site. There are still a few family plots with burial lots but the cemetery is now essentially filled.

Many of the headstones are barely legible today. There are several plots for families including: Andersons, Brights, Brocks, Harpers, Horners, Lowdens, Sharps and Smiths. Several headstones have the Odd Fellows symbol (Three links) on them. There are also several war veterans and a few Delran Mayors buried in this cemetery.  There are other unusual carved stones in the cemetery.