Bridgeboro Grammar School was located on Creek Road near Rt. 130. It was constructed in 1905 replacing a one room school house located nearby on Route 130. In 1907, students attended the newly completed Bridgeboro Grammar School. This school had four classrooms and was built for $6,000. Miss Bowen was the principal. That same year, students living in Riverside Park and Cambridge were transported to Bridgeboro Grammar School to attend split sessions. The students from Bridgeboro attended class from 8:30am to 12:30pm and the Riverside Park/Cambridge students attended class from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. This scheduling continued until a four room school was built in Cambridge. All eight graders attended Bridgeboro Grammar School

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In 1912, Aronson Bell was hired as a teacher. He spent 38 years at Bridgeboro Grammar School retiring in 1952. Some time after 1956, Bridgeboro Grammar School was renamed Aronson Bell School to honor its longest serving teacher. In 1919, a two room addition was constructed for $14,267. In 1928, 201 students attended Bridgeboro Grammar School. In 1933, a lunch room was added to serve hot lunches to the students. The stage and seating for 225 was added in 1937. In 1940, with a WPA grant, the exterior building was covered with red brick and the grounds were graded with gravel for a playground. 3rd to 8th grade students attended Bridgeboro Grammar School, while kindergarten,1st and 2nd graders attended Cambridge School. Mr. Joseph Chinnici was hired to teach 6th grade in 1955 at Bridgeboro Grammar School. In 1961, Mr. Chinnici was appointed Principal of Aronson Bell School and Cambridge School. In 1965, he became the Superintendent of Schools for Delran Township and retired in 1989.

In its final school year, 1994, Aronson Bell School had 154 students and 20 staff. The Aronson Bell School was demolished to make room for the Delran Intermediate School. The Delran Intermediate School, presently on that property, was dedicated on October 13, 1996.Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.44.51 PM