In 1918 Cambridge School was built as a four room building for grades one through seven. The cost to construct was $12,804. It had stoves for heat and outside lavatories until 1930 when indoor facilities were installed. It was located on the corner of Third and Main. Prior to 1918, students from Cambridge and Riverside Park attended school in Riverside. In 1917 they were transported to Bridgeboro Grammar School for split sessions with Bridgeboro pupils attending morning sessions from 8:30 to 12:30 and transported pupils attending afternoon sessions from 12:30 to 4:30. Eighth graders were still transported to Bridgeboro for several years. Eventually Cambridge grew to six classrooms with a library, lunchroom, steam heating and yes, indoor bathrooms. When it closed, it had a small playground on the Main Street side and a larger playground in back of the school with many large shade trees about the grounds. Cambridge School had its own small library, gymnasium, and art room. The township was growing at a rapid pace, the schools were getting old, and it was decided that students from all sections of town would be brought together to attend the same schools. In 1994, Delran Township School Board decided to close Cambridge Elementary School as well as Aronson Bell Elementary School in the Bridgeboro section. The plan for the future was that all Delran children from Kindergarten through third grade would go to Millbridge Elementary School on Conrow Road, and all fourth and fifth grades would attend the new Intermediate School being built on Creek Road replacing Aaronson Bell School. So instead of three different elementary schools the township would have only one, and one intermediate school and then on to middle school for grades 6 through 8. The Delran Intermediate School opened in 1996. For the 1995 school year all fifth graders attended Delran Middle School on Chester Avenue and fourth graders attended Millbridge School for that year.

Today the old Cambridge school grounds at Third and Main have been replaced with approximately six or seven single family homes. Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.50.58 PM